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      Working Together      

Are you looking to go beyond talk therapy? To address the root of the issue, often times talking just isn't enough.  My approach is focused on solutions rather than focusing on managing the symptoms.  With a holistic approach to therapy, I acknowledge the connection between the mind and body to be able to work toward finding the underlying emotional and physical causes.  

Learn more about my approach to getting to the root cause here.

I embrace an integrative approach to therapy, drawing from a variety of therapeutic modalities to provide tailored treatment plans that suit each client's unique needs. My integrative approach combines evidence-based techniques and holistic practices, creating a comprehensive framework that promotes healing and growth. I understand that each person is a unique individual with their own history, strengths, and challenges, and I work collaboratively with my clients to find the most effective strategies for their specific circumstances.

I invite you to read more about Individual Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy.


Together, we can explore the many different facets of what you're dealing with to allow you to live and create the life you want.

I offer a complimentary 15-minute exploratory session over the phone so we can both decide if working together is a good fit.  Click here to get started!


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